OUR DAY AT BEACH RUN FARM BEGINS AROUND 8:00AM. A sweeping of their sleeping area, fresh hay and grain for everyone.  Water buckets are filled and electrolyes are added if needed.  Each run is cleaned of alpaca beans which are made easier to clean due to the fact alpacas tend to have communal poop piles.  They are scooped up and taken around the far side of the barn to the compost area.

During the day, the alpacas are happy to browse around the pasture or rest in the barn; perhaps, eating a little hay, getting a quick drink and then wandering back out to the pasture to watch their crias play or maybe just stay put and grab a little snooze.

Our alpacas graze on grass and will eat weeds, shrubs, leaves, and even tree bark if they like the taste.  Therefore, it is important to have your local Agriculture Agent out to check your pasture for toxic plants, weeds, or trees that can potentially be deadly to your beloved animals.

The evening chores are basically the same as those in the morning.  Water is refreshed, runs are cleaned, and of course some more grain and mineral supplements.  This is the time we also attend to any individual needs, whether it is weighing, extra feed, or other issues such as putting on cria coats for cold nights.

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