KEEPING YOUR ALPACAS COMFORTABLE. Hot weather causes your alpacas a great deal of stress.  Fresh water, shade, and air circulation are critical for animal safety.

A fan is most welcome.  They love to cush in front of our fans and enjoy the cool concrete on their tummies.  Additionally, when it is particularly warm, they LOVE being hosed down on their tummies, legs, and backsides.  We avoid totally wetting them down as we feel this is not beneficial to their fleece.

Cold weather basically poses little risk for adult alpacas as long as there is shelter from the wind. However, seniors and crias need coats if the temperature drops below freezing especially if it is windy.  They should have a place they can get out of the wind.  There should be free-choice hay available at all times and heated water is very beneficial on nights when the water buckets could potentially freeze.  Young crias are not able to thermo-regulate their body temperature and most definitely need a cria coat even if it is not windy but the temperature drops below freezing.  Watch to see that your alpacas are not shivering on really cold nights or days as this can lead to a very critical situation quickly.  We have heaters available for our crias with heating pads if necessary, but even the adults like to get warm on long, cold nights.

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