ALPACA FARMING IS A VERY ZEN WAY OF LIFE. The human/alpaca relationship continues daily here at Beach Run Farm. The look on their faces invites you into their world of calm contentment. ..A world not easily found today.

Alpacas are closely related to llamas and are members of a small family of creatures known as camelids.

Smaller than llamas, they are valued for their fiber.  It comes in more than 22 natural colors, is soft, warm, and hypoallergenic.

There are two types of alpacas – Huacaya (with dense, crimpy sheep-like fiber) and Suri (with silky dreadlocks).

We began thinking we wanted only Suris, but have fallen in love with the fluffy, sweet-faced Huacayas and will be getting our first female with her cria at her side in the near future.

Alpacas are social herd animals and should always be kept with others of their kind.   Gentle, inquisitive, intelligent, and observant describes these playful lovable creatures.  They will enrich your life and give you hours of laughter as you watch their antics.

They live 15-20 years and totally depend on their owners.  New alpaca farmers will want to buy their first alpaca from an experienced farmer who will provide guidance and support.  We have been given a real gift of help and confidence through some wonderful mentors over the last year.  Knowing how helpful this has been to us, it is our belief that our job continues with each sale through our availability and accountability to our new clients.

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