OUR FEEDING AND MAINTANENCE SPECIFICS... Hay must be fed from a tub or wall-mounted feeder to avoid contamination as the alpacas will walk on the hay that falls outside the feeder with “poopy” feet and may then ingest the contaminated hay. 

Some alpaca farmers use a “hay topper” on their tubs to allow the alpacas to pull the hay through the bars which will not only decrease hay loss but also deter possible contamination.

Here on Beach Run Farm, we do fecals routinely if we observe our animals losing weight, beans  that do not look normal or we just want to spot check for any potential parasite issues.  A good vet is a necessity.  Find one who will work with you to ensure the health of your animals.  Keeping the runs and pastures clean and pasture rotation go a long way to keep parasites under control.

A quarantine area is also a necessity.  Never bring an alpaca on your farm without a period of time in quarantine.  Check for parasites and watch them carefully until you are certain they will not spread disease or parasites to your beloved alpacas.

Quarantine after a show or travel off your farm is also recommended to ensure your animal is not bringing something back to contaminate the rest of the herd.

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