OBSERVING THE HERD IS A NECESSITY. Alpacas need observation of their eating, drinking, eliminating, resting, and activity or lack thereof on a daily basis.

Know your animals and observe their normal and abnormal behavior.  Alpacas are very stoic animals and can be sick before they show clinical signs.  If there is a question, take their temperature, heart rate, and observe their respiration.

Monthly, they must have medication to protect them from a worm that may be passed to them from the White Tail Deer.  The medication is an injection given monthly here at Beach Run Farm on Herd Health Day.  On this day, we give special attention to each alpaca.  They are weighed, eyes are checked looking for potential anemia (mucosa should be pink not white), and nails trimmed if necessary.  We put our hands on each animal to feel for lumps, abrasions or anything that might be hidden by their fleece.

Alpacas are shorn annually no later than May 1st in our area of North Carolina. Shearing is very important to avoid heat stress during our hot summers.  We also have huge fans in each stall area to help keep them cool in the heat of the summer.

Shearing is done by professionals. Quite an affair.  They will trim their nails and fighting teeth will be cut  down in the males if needed.  Once all of their heavy fleece is removed, a new animal emerges…quite a tranformation!

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